The formative years of middle school through high school are filled with incredible and exciting changes. At FLC, we take seriously the partnership with youth and their families. Our goal is to provide relational opportunities for youth to experience God's love and grace in today's world and to equip adults to share their faith with young people.

Grades 6 - 8 - RELATE
This  is part of a four-year journey to relate to God, each other and the world better. We spend time together building friendships, sharing our own story of faith, connecting to God's story and with the story of the world. Engaging service projects and faith-based group building experiences will be a major emphasis.

Grades 9 -10 AFFIRM (Confirmation)
With the support of parents and caring adults, 9th and 10th graders continue their journey together to prepare to make an educated commitment to their faith. Youth are encouraged to ask questions, review and connect bibles stories and delve deeper into their spiritual life. We explore spirituality, sexuality and discipleship.

This confirmation process focuses on developing an integrated, holistic faith. This is a 2-year commitment that starts in the Fall.   Pastors, staff and mentors continue to emphasize our grace-based faith trek as a never-ending, always growing, learning and sharing journey with Christ. For Confirmation Participation in BOTH mandatory retreats with a pastor is required.

GRADES 11-12 (Post-confirmation)
High School age youth are encouraged to step out into the world and share God’s story. This high school group will continue to share their God-given gifts while providing their own leadership for their Sunday morning time together.  Adults are present to mentor and support these youth as they share their faith with each other and with the world. This group welcomes 9th graders who have been confirmed elsewhere or who are choosing not to go through the confirmation process at this time.