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Recognizing that we are called by faith to embody God’s unconditional love and abundant grace in challenging times, we joyfully welcome everyone into the life of First Lutheran Church.

We affirm what the apostle Paul wrote, that in Jesus Christ, the heart of God was fully revealed: “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male or female: for we are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28)

As a Christian community, we are compelled to be God’s agents of reconciliation and healing within society, embracing diversity and uniqueness. We are therefore committed to sharing God’s love and Christ’s mission with all people without regard to age, cultural or ethnic background, gender identity, sexual expression, or sexual orientation, economic or life circumstances, physical or mental ability, family situation, spiritual beliefs, or any of the things that so often divide us.

All are invited to be a part of First Lutheran Church. And all means all.

Reconciling Works

The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program is for Lutheran communities that publicly welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Our Leadership Team


2020/21 First Lutheran Church Council – Executive Committee
(3-year terms not eligible for reelection)

Bill Fields –President, Past President (2nd year of 3-year term)
TBD – Vice President/President/Past President (1st year of 3-year term)
Nancy Stewart – Secretary (1st year of a 3-year term)
Fred Schmidt – Treasurer (1st year of 3-year term)
Caroline Kinlaw – Communications Coordinator (1st year of a 3-year term)
Debbie Sivret – Past President (3rd year of a 3-year term)

2020/21 Division Chair and Council Members
(2-year term, not eligible for reelection until a 1-year hiatus)

Ken Reed – Administration Ministries (2nd year of 2-year term)
Emily Stirewalt – Community Ministries (2nd year of 2-year term)
Jenny Prevatt – Congregation Wellness Ministries (1st year of 2-year term)
George Still – Lifelong Faith Formation Ministries (2nd year of 2-year term)
Bruce Peterson – Generosity (1st year of a 2-year term)
Russell Whittington – Worship Ministries (1st year of 2-year term)

2020/21 Endowment Committee
(3-year terms that are eligible for reelection with a limit of 6 years)

Susan Klaiber (1st year of 3-year term)
Rick Diehl (1st year of 3-year term)
Sheri Chamberlin (2nd year of second 3-year term)
Kathy Bolzan (2nd year of second 3-year term)
Pamela Boerger (3rd year of a 3-year term)
Jeff Zill (3rd year of a 3-year term)

2020/21 Nominating Committee
(2 year terms, not eligible for consecutive appointments)

Jeff Kinlaw (2nd year of a 2-year term)
Rob Harmon (2nd year of a 2-year term, filling unexpired term)
Bonnie Meyer (1st year of a 2-year term)
Debbie Mitchum (1st year of a 2-year term)
Steve Shoaf (1st year of a 2-year term)
Christina Weaver (1st year of 2-year term)

2020/21 Personnel Committee

Steve Teague – Chair (2018-2021)
Margo Schmidt (2018-2021)
Art Hultquist (2019-2022)
Chris Gibson (2019-2022)
Heidi Baer (2020-2023)
Joe Duszka (2020-2023)